Link Building in lieu of Creating Content

by Link Building Solutions on February 1, 2011

The typical strategy for websites looking for one way links is to create quality content through blogs, video, free trials, or giveaways and hope for people to link to it. While there are many successful examples of this working well for many websites, not all quality content receives the attention it deserves.

There are a number of reasons why your quality content wouldn’t receive links:

  1. ZZ2C5C0AED.jpgLow volume of people interested in your topic. For example, there are many people that are interested in truck driving, but there are much fewer people that are going to read and consume your content than a more mainstream industry topic. Therefore, your quality content would not receive much interest.
  2. Lack of personnel to manage content. The best type of content is refreshing, up-to-date content and if you don’t have the resources to keep your blogs and content current then your media will not receive the volume of attention other sites with more resources will generate.
  3. Dynamic markets render content moot. If you provide a service in a constantly changing industry like technology and your content is no constantly updated and maintained it will be rendered less valuable by search engines and lose its ranking. Search engines prefer newer content, especially in emerging fields.

Building a portfolio of quality content is a difficult and time consuming task, but there is a solution to link building in lieu of creating content. Using one way link building sites you can gather quality links from a wide variety of sites without having to deal with the hassle of writing blog, creating videos, and giving things away for free.

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