Link Exchange

Getting One Way Links Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

by Link Building Solutions on February 18, 2011

ZZ1FEE86C8.jpgExperience is the shortcut to getting things done faster, but when it comes to link building you don’t have to be an expert to know how to build a network of strong links to your website.

Several years ago the experts knew how to do research for a high ranking website, hunt down an email address to the site owner, construct a message to them and ask if they would be willing to link to their website using a specific url and anchor text. From there they would have to follow up on that website, check to see if the link is as they requested it, and monitor the traffic from that site to see if it is building their linking network. If you think that sounds like a lot of work then you know why over the years these fishing emails for links have become rare and unnecessary.

Using a link building program site developers no longer have to send emails requesting links from high ranking sites, they can simply join a one way link building network and collect free one way links to their website. It’s a free service because members benefit from each others links rather than paying a link exchange program. Each member agrees to link out to other members in the program. Members are separated into three groups (Group A, B, or C) and they link to members of a different group. If you are in Group A, you will be linked to members in Group B and members in Group C will by linked to your site, thus creating a triangle effect, as shown in the graphic below.

Don’t waste your time asking for other websites to link to you. Using a link exchange program you can achieve the link building network that takes years to build up using the novice approach of emailing websites one by one. The best part is that the more reputable link exchange networks will only admit high quality websites into their program. This means you know your website is getting the best one way links possible resulting in the highest increase in rankings.