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Getting One Way Links Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

by Link Building Solutions on February 18, 2011

ZZ1FEE86C8.jpgExperience is the shortcut to getting things done faster, but when it comes to link building you don’t have to be an expert to know how to build a network of strong links to your website.

Several years ago the experts knew how to do research for a high ranking website, hunt down an email address to the site owner, construct a message to them and ask if they would be willing to link to their website using a specific url and anchor text. From there they would have to follow up on that website, check to see if the link is as they requested it, and monitor the traffic from that site to see if it is building their linking network. If you think that sounds like a lot of work then you know why over the years these fishing emails for links have become rare and unnecessary.

Using a link building program site developers no longer have to send emails requesting links from high ranking sites, they can simply join a one way link building network and collect free one way links to their website. It’s a free service because members benefit from each others links rather than paying a link exchange program. Each member agrees to link out to other members in the program. Members are separated into three groups (Group A, B, or C) and they link to members of a different group. If you are in Group A, you will be linked to members in Group B and members in Group C will by linked to your site, thus creating a triangle effect, as shown in the graphic below.

Don’t waste your time asking for other websites to link to you. Using a link exchange program you can achieve the link building network that takes years to build up using the novice approach of emailing websites one by one. The best part is that the more reputable link exchange networks will only admit high quality websites into their program. This means you know your website is getting the best one way links possible resulting in the highest increase in rankings.


Link Building in lieu of Creating Content

by Link Building Solutions on February 1, 2011

The typical strategy for websites looking for one way links is to create quality content through blogs, video, free trials, or giveaways and hope for people to link to it. While there are many successful examples of this working well for many websites, not all quality content receives the attention it deserves.

There are a number of reasons why your quality content wouldn’t receive links:

  1. ZZ2C5C0AED.jpgLow volume of people interested in your topic. For example, there are many people that are interested in truck driving, but there are much fewer people that are going to read and consume your content than a more mainstream industry topic. Therefore, your quality content would not receive much interest.
  2. Lack of personnel to manage content. The best type of content is refreshing, up-to-date content and if you don’t have the resources to keep your blogs and content current then your media will not receive the volume of attention other sites with more resources will generate.
  3. Dynamic markets render content moot. If you provide a service in a constantly changing industry like technology and your content is no constantly updated and maintained it will be rendered less valuable by search engines and lose its ranking. Search engines prefer newer content, especially in emerging fields.

Building a portfolio of quality content is a difficult and time consuming task, but there is a solution to link building in lieu of creating content. Using one way link building sites you can gather quality links from a wide variety of sites without having to deal with the hassle of writing blog, creating videos, and giving things away for free.


Link Building for Top Google Ranking

by Link Building Solutions on January 20, 2011

Allow us to introduce you to Matt Cutts, a Google employee and a great resource for understanding how Google works. Click play in the video below and then we’ll discuss a couple items Matt brings up in this video.

As Matt discusses in the video, there are two major factors that insure that your website will be ranked at the top of Google’s search results. You can either have a keyword that nobody else is using, or you can one way links to your website. If you choose a keyword that is not normally used, you will not get many clicks or web traffic from this keyword. Basically, the keyword method is ruled out and you are then left with building links to rank high in the search engines.

Referring back to Matt’s video he says:

“…when you do a Google search you aren’t actually searching the web, you’re searching Google’s index of the web.”

ZZ3EED5E08.jpgThat is a key misunderstanding for most business owners. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean you are automatically within Google’s search directory. There are two ways your website will be added to Google. First is through a manual submission, which is the least powerful way to make your website known to Google. In fact, right on their submission page it states that not all submitted URLs are added to Google’s index and they make no guarantees about when or if they will ever appear.

The reason for this is because your site must have authority in order to show up at the top of Google’s search results. The best way to get Google to notice your website is through link building. Incoming links are basically a vote for your website and the more “votes” you have from other sites the higher your website will be ranked on Google.

Building a network of incoming links is the best way of gathering web traffic. You can pay for web traffic through things like pay per click, but this method is very expensive. If you can not afford paid advertising methods, you are left with free search engine web traffic. The only way to receive this web traffic is by building great links to your site.


A Free Solution to Paid Directories

by Link Building Solutions on January 4, 2011

There are several popular web directories that will accept submissions from website owners to be placed in their directory. The catch is that these directories are expensive. A popular paid directory demands a non-refundable annual fee of $150! That’s a huge fee just for inclusion on just one website’s directory and if you read their fine print you’ll see that your payment does not even guarantee that your website will be accepted.

The good news is that there is a free solution to paid directories that offer one way links. Link Building Solutions is a one way link building program designed to increase your website’s rankings in the search engines by providing high quality one way links.


A one way link building program is a great way to give your website the boost it needs to get it listed at the top of major search engines. Once you become a member of Link Building Solutions you simply place a link page on your site that links out to other members’ sites. This three way link exchange ensures that your website receives one way links rather than the less powerful reciprocal links that other sites offer.

Apart from watching your website’s search engine ranking improve, we also offer an integrated link tracker so that you can track your website on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for each keyword in the link building program.

All of this is completely free of charge and you can promote up to five pages per site with up to 300 one way links! The value of our link building system is 100% cheaper than paid directories and you have many more options and features. Here’s a few other features we didn’t mention already:

  • Choose whether each link will display as either Standard or Contextual.
  • Choose the percentage to use each keyword (example – Link 1 50%, Link 2 30%, Link 3 20%) and the percentage to use each page in the program (example- Promote Page 1 30%, Page 2 10%, etc.)
  • Track number of back links (sites pointing to your Web site) and pages indexed by Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and all the Internet.
  • Edit your Web site information at any time.

We are completely confident that our system will increase your website’s rankings on search engines.