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February 17th, 2020
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Why is a One-Way Link better than a Reciprocal Link?

Here is a simple answer to a pretty complex question. The search engines view a link to a site as a vote for that site and put a lot of value on it. The most natural way for a site to gain these votes is through a one-way link. For example, Site A thinks that Site B has useful information and will be useful to its users, so it links to Site B. Let’s say you are on the Internet looking for the best medication to take for your cold. You come across a new age doctor's Web site and he highly recommends a new supplement that can be purchased on another Web site, so he provides a link to that Web site.

The bottom line is that the more links/votes a Web site can obtain, the higher the site will be ranked by the search engines.

To demonstrate just how powerful these links are is the real-life example of a large group of webmasters who linked to President George Bush’s Web site using the words “miserable failure”. When users searched "miserable failure" on Google (or many other popular search engines), the president’s official Web site was the first one to display. Google has since fixed this issue, but you can still search "miserable failure" on Google and find articles of what happened.

Once webmasters figured out that the amount and quality of links pointing to a Web site helped determine how that site ranks, webmasters began trading links with each other. To do so, they would send out a huge amount of e-mail requests asking, "Hey, you have a great Web site, would you be interested in exchanging links so we can help each other raise our rankings on the search engines?. This is known as a reciprocal link. Site A links to Site B, and Site B links back to Site A. This worked great for a while but the search engines quickly caught on. The search engines can easily identify which sites link to whom and thus reciprocal links can be easily identified and are counted very little by the search engines these days.

One-way links on the other hand, are considered to be natural links and not an attempt to manipulate rankings.

Link Building Solutions was created on this principle. We only approve quality Web sites to our program and utilize three-way links (sometimes even four and five-way links) so efforts to increase a Web site's rankings on the search engines are not easily recognized. In fact, another name to better describe our system is a "one-way link exchange".

The Link Building Solutions Program helps quality sites find these valuable one-way links with one another. We find quality sites for you and if you don't like a particular site, you don't have to link to them.